We LOVE movies. If you're a customer of ours, we're sure you do too.
We believe in something we call "The Movie Theatre Experience." We believe that going to the movies should be an enjoyable experience, free from distractions. The visual and aural quality should be high, and the patrons respectful of one another. 
Once upon a time, before the advent of the multi-plex theatre, this standard was strictly adhered to. People knew how to enjoy a night out at the movies. With time's passing, this standard has all but disappeared. This prevalent attitude serves to endanger the movie theatre business as we know it. As a result of "poor" theatre experiences, there are people that would rather stay at home to watch a movie than come to the theatre for the BIG experience. We aim to change that. 
The Movie Mill attempts to educate patrons, and enforce theatre etiquette among them. If problems arise within the theatre, we invite you to please notify an Usher, or talk to a Manager as soon as possible. We will do our best to make sure that "The Movie Theatre Experience" is maintained. 
Theatre Policies: 
* Costumes, Masks or like attire is not permitted in the theatre (medical masks are the exception) 
* Tobacco products, Drugs & Alcohol are strictly prohibited. There are no exceptions. Offenders will be immediately ejected from the theatre, and the substance confiscated.
* Please, NO OUTSIDE Food or Beverages Allowed. The only food permitted in the theatres is served at our concession stands. Yes - we are in business to make money, and together with your ticket purchase we attempt to remain in business for the benefit of all (we hope that you feel that the quality and quantity of all that we offer is second to none). We are responsible for the safety of all patrons, and outside food can endanger this. We cannot be responsible for what is consumed outside of what we provide. Many foods carry unique smells and characteristics with them. Offensive odors and allergies are just a few of the tricky things to regulate when dealing with the public. We ask that you consume or store your outside food & drink before attending.
* Children 6 & under are NOT PERMITTED into 18A or R RATED features at ANYTIME. Unattended children have the potential to be a HUGE distraction in the theatre. When a child is bored or restless, they will do as they please. We thank those of you who are responsible parents. Educate your children on appropriate theatre behavior.
* The use of cellular phones, texting, camcorders or any recording device is strictly prohibited in any auditorium of The Movie Mill. Violators will be escorted from the premises and may be subject to criminal prosecution. There are many issues with electronics in movie theatres. A cell phone's ringtone is an instant distraction to patrons. It's even worse when the offender answers the phone in the movie! And believe it or not, after ringing and answering - some folks have the nerve to carry on a full conversation from their seat in the theatre! Less thought about - but a distraction nonetheless, is the light pollution that cell phones produce. Modern LCDs are very bright indeed, and instantly draw the eye away from the screen. Yes, even text messaging is a nuisance in the theatre. Please keep your electronics OFF during the feature!
* Talking to yourself; talking to others; talking to/on your phone; talking to the movie. It is generally a no-no in the theatre. Please, when the feature presentation begins - hush your voice. If you must talk to your neighbor, do it sparingly and whisper very quietly. People have paid to hear the movie, not YOU! The hallways and lobby are great places for discussions of any type.
We have prominently displayed our standards by each auditorium. Patrons that do not respect our policies will be reminded of proper theatre etiquette. If they continue to choose poor behavior, they will be asked to leave, with no refund. 
Thank You to all those that truly enjoy seeing and experiencing a movie on the BIG screen - we salute you. To those of you who value the experience, and respect others enough to maintain the movie going experience - we thank you.